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Dicey, Texas

Dicey, Texas, is on a spur off Farm Road 730 about eight miles northeast of Weatherford in northeastern Parker County. It is northwest of Lake Weatherford.  The first settlers moved near the present site of Dicey ca 1850. This group established one of the earliest churches in Parker County, and soon a community developed around it.  Land for a cemetery was given to Clear Fork Baptist Church by  William Baker Family in 1869.  Originally the settlement was called Power after minister, Parson Power. Later the name Dicey was chosen in honor of the wife of pioneer settler W. G. Puryear. A post office was established there in 1891 and discontinued in 1929. Throughout its history Dicey served area farmers as a church and school community. The population never exceeded more than about 100, and it  was reported at sixty-three from the mid-1920s through the mid-1940s, when it dropped to just over twenty.  There is a cemetery there and still a small community of houses at the Dicey site.

Several years ago I wrote a column on Dicey for Painted Post Crossroads.  I publish many of  my columns at , and because of that I received the following email:

"Having recently retired, I've begun working on my family tree.  I knew my mother, Denye Altera (Hughes) Sowell, was born in Dicey, Texas, in 1904.  But since I couldn't find Dicey on my Texas map to learn the name of the county, I checked the internet.  To my surprise there was your article - Chasing our Tales, Dicey, Texas, Parker County!  The information about the general store brought back memories of my mother telling about her father  either running or owning a general store in Dicey. His name was George Taylor Hughes. He died in 1924, before I was born.  Do you have information about my Hughes family branch in Dicey? - Lyles Sowell,"

I don't have any information on George Taylor Hughes, so if any of you out there do, please contact Lyles!

I did, however, find some information about the Hughes family in Palo Pinto County.  This is the genealogy of the family of Emory Woodley Hughes:

Generation No. 1

1. EMORY WOODLEY1 HUGHES was born September 17, 1852 in ,Jackson, AL, and died December 13, 1915 in Dodson Prairie, Palo Pinto, TX. He married (1) ELIZABETH VICTORIA JAMES May 21, 1874 in ,Williamson, TX. He married (2) HARRIET MELINDA (HATTIE) BURNS December 22, 1887 in ,Erath, TX.


i. MATTIE BELL2 HUGHES, b. February 25, 1875, Smithville, Bastrop, TX; d. February 04, 1954, Alamogordo, Otero, NM; m. (1) RICHARD YARBROUGH SOUTHERN, August 10, 1893, Palo Pinto, Palo Pinto, TX; m. (2) GROVER CLEVELAND WILLIAMS, May 04, 1935, Dallas, Dallas, TX.

ii. JOHN O. HUGHES, b. October 1877, ,,TX; d. August 05, 1905, ,Erath, TX.

iii. EDGAR D. HUGHES, b. September 10, 1879, ,Lampasas, TX; d. March 25, 1940, ,Jones, TX; m. SARAH BERTON (SALLIE) COX, Abt. 1905, ,,TX.

iv. SAMUEL HUSTON HUGHES, b. September 16, 1883, ,Smith, TX; d. October 05, 1938, Village Bend, Palo Pinto, TX; m. SUSAN EMILY (SUE) VAUGHAN, August 10, 1913, ,Palo Pinto, TX.

v. EMORY CHRISTIAN (JINKIE) HUGHES, b. October 12, 1885, ,Brown, TX; d. July 04, 1950, ,Titus, TX; m. (1) MABLE PEARL STRANGE, August 04, 1912, Gilmer, Upshur, TX; m. (2) ELLEN WRIGHT, Not Married.


vi. JAMES RUBEN2 HUGHES, b. October 11, 1888, ,Erath, TX; d. September 22, 1958, Sanatorium, Tom Green, TX; m. GEORGIA BENNETT BUNNELL, May 05, 1910, ,Erath, TX.

vii. RACHEL ANN HUGHES, b. February 24, 1890, Stephenville, Erath, TX; d. March 04, 1964, Stephenville, Erath, TX; m. (1) JOE LOMAS, ,,TX; m. (2) COLUMBUS OTTO SNIDER, October 18, 1908, ,Palo Pinto, TX; m. (3) RUPERT HUDSPETH, October 09, 1956, ,Palo Pinto, TX.

viii. ELISHA WOODLEY HUGHES, b. February 20, 1892, Stephenville, Erath, TX; d. July 17, 1952, Ranger, Eastland, TX; m. (1) LILLIAN BIRCH, ,,TX; m. (2) ELLEN WRIGHT, May 16, 1914, ,Titus, TX.

ix. MARVIN EARL HUGHES, b. October 12, 1894, ,Erath, TX; d. July 02, 1971, Ft. Worth, Tarrant, TX; m. LINNIE BLUE, August 21, 1923, ,Palo Pinto, TX.

x. WILLIAM BENJAMIN HUGHES, b. April 12, 1896, ,Erath, TX; d. November 25, 1961, Dallas, Dallas, TX; m. CLARIS SUEDELL FOREMAN, August 12, 1923, ,Palo Pinto, TX.

xi. JOSIE ESTELL HUGHES, b. November 01, 1898, ,Cooke, TX; d. July 04, 1975, Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, TX; m. (1) EPHRAIM WYATT WITT, 1927, ,,TX; m. (2) JOE HOUSTON BALENTINE, 1955, Strawn, Palo Pinto, TX.

xii. JESSIE MAY HUGHES, b. February 11, 1900, Stephenville, Erath, TX; d. March 31, 1986, Abilene, Taylor, TX; m. (1) WILLIE KINDRED (BILL) FELTS, ,,TX; m. (2) GRANVILLE BARRON, December 12, 1918, ,Palo Pinto, TX.

Next I discovered a bit of information about Dicey.  John Albright Long was born in 1839 and buried in the Dicey Cemetery in 1922.  He was married to Emily Hartsfield, and their children were Thomas Samuel, born 1861; James Sherwood, born 1863; and Emily, born 1869.  Then John Albright married Mary Hartsfield McLarty (could this be his first wife's married sister?), and their children were Mary Effie, born 1871; John Franklin, born 1874 in Parker County; Walter Josiah, born 1876 in Parker County; and Harriet, born 1878 in Parker County.

Thomas Samuel Long married Alice Young in 1884 in Parker County.  Their children were John Wesley, born 1885 and Samuel Thomas, born 1887.  Then Thomas Samuel married Elizabeth Young (again, as sister of his first wife?).

Do you have information on the Hughes family or on Dicey, Parker County, Texas?  If so, let me know and we will put it in the column!

"Hello Sue,  I'm looking for a couple of families buried in Palo Pinto County but don't know where. John Wesley and Elizabeth J (Mackey) Weddle and Alexander & Delilah (Short) Mackey. Is there by chance a common index for all of Palo Pinto County cemeteries? Thanks for your help. Tom Clark, , Dallas, Texas."

"Dear Sue,

I have a query about WARD and HUMPHREYS families. One is of James J. Ward, Jr, an early settler and cattle rancher.  He moved to the area in 1856.  He claimed all the land between Mineral Wells and Santo.  His family's two-storey sandstone home was near Lone Camp.  He and his wife are buried near the old home.  I have information about Tom and Sarah Humphreys.  She was James' daughter. I am sure there are descendants in or around the Palo Pinto area.  Thank you, Troy D. Splawn, "

"Hello Sue,

I enjoy reading your "Chasing Our Tales."  Keep up the good work.  Do you have a mailing list?  If so, I'd like to add my name to it.

"I wanted to let you know that I am the great-great-granddaughter of Thomas Fielder Weldon.  His daughter Nancy Matilda Weldon married my great-grandfather, Spencer P. Elliott.  I believe Spencer and Nancy lived in the Palo Pinto County area from about 1899 to about 1910.  I believe 4 of their children were born there, one being my grandfather Alvin Gilbert Elliott.  Have you come across any information or stories on them?  Do you know of any good online resources on Palo Pinto County that I might help me find info on them?  I'm relatively new to genealogy, so I always ask for tips.

"I've made contact with Robin Hildebrand who is related to the Weldons through one of your 'Chasing Our Tales' stories.  She has been a blessing to me on info on the Weldon side of the family.  Thank you!!  I look forward to your next story!!!!! Sincerely, Theresa,  "

"I enjoyed the story about Star Route. Oliver Louis was a neighbor of my brother's while he lived on Northwest 23rd Street. I don't remember how I got to know Oliver, but I remember going fishing on his place west of Palo Pinto. I Knew Cora Jean working in the office at the Dunlop Tire Store, and Maurice would come in the back of the store where we were working. After I left Dunlop's I still would go back and talk to Cora Jean.  She would bring me up to date on her kids. She did like to talk about her kids. You knew she loved all of you with an unconditional love. Cora Jean will always have a special place in our memories. She was a "people" person and was a great asset to Hamilton's tire store.  Junior and Lula Masterson, "

"I am looking for the following family connected to me: the burial of Amanda C. Elder and that would have been around the 1900 in Mineral Wells, Texas, also maybe a marriage. I am also looking for information on a Lillie L. Beaty  who died 1955. She may and may not have died in Texas. Any help on a Sterling Elder and Amanda.  They are listed in the 1880 census. Hope to find the resting place of Amanda and also Lillie. Thank you for your time .Contact me, Judy Knox, at ."


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